A stronger, more diverse and independent community sector – Make a submission (extension)


Take part in the guided questionnaire or upload a submission

You can use this guided questionnaire to respond individually to the questions which appear in the issues paper, upload a written submission and/or attach any documents, audio or video files you would like to share. When completing the questionnaire or uploading a submission, we suggest you refer to the issues paper to provide more context.


When completing the submission process you will be required to complete several sections.

  1. Questions about yourself as an individual or the organisation you represent, to help us understand who has responded.
  2. A questionnaire with the 24 free text questions which are the same ones in the issues paper. You do not need to respond to every question, just the questions that are important to you. Alternatively, if you do not want to answer these questions, you can skip them and upload a submission as a document or file.
  3. Whether you want to upload any documents. This is optional. You can upload multiple files which can be documents, audio or video files. You might want to upload:
  • A written submission (or a document drafted in response to the issues paper), and/or
  • something which supports your submission, including a document you have submitted in response to a previous enquiry, relevant case studies and examples, and/or research articles or findings.

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