Individual Submission – Gerald White

I am a carer

Gerald White

There are many very good suggestions in the carer support paper however I would like to make some changes which, I feel, champion the needs of carers.
Firstly, there needs to be an understanding that carers do not need more administration, rather, inclusive support from organisations that understand their specific needs. Therefore, on this issue I am against having regional hubs which are distanced from carers themselves. My suggestion to counter this is to work more closely with existing carer organisations who not only know the carers and are working with them but also know their needs, following on from frank and open discussions, over a period of time with the carers themselves. After all, who but the carers know their needs.
Secondly, there is validity to an emergency care plan however, this too, could form part of the carers documents already gathered, such as a risk assessment, individual care plan, progress notes, screening tools and correspondence.
Thirdly, the N.D.I.S. debacle has already moved carer support funding from organisations providing direct support to carers. Not only is this totally unacceptable as staff positions have been disestablished, there are already roll on effects towards carers with a reduction to carers as a result of this. The N.D.I.S. does not, despite what they say, provide sufficient support to carers which results in low levels of support and in some cases, support totally curtailed, as evidenced from several carers I have spoken with. This speaks volumes for mental health being ‘tacked on’ to the N.D.I.S. list of responsibilities, rather than a coherent, thought out response.