Individual Submission – Fiona Scott

I am a carer

Fiona Scott

Your consideration of carers needing respite, education and mentoring is admirable but what about more practical assistance.

Carers who need, whether by way of something that happened while in their carers capacity or by other means, need some type of surgery. Being only but a pensioner, you go on a 12 month waiting list. A year of increasing pain killers, increased pain interfering with your life as a carer. How about including a priority for carers on surgical lists.

During this year of near hell having to pay out extra funds to continue a normal life financial matters have slipped. Insurance cancelled and credit card behind. How about some financial assistance – not so much a money hand out but help with some lenience from the financial institutes.

Living in rural NSW assistance is hard to find…. Advertising and promoting avenues of assistance would also make a carers life a little easier.

Lip service is all good and well but practical assistance is what is needed in rural areas.