Organisation Submission – Joyce Bastian

I am a carer

Joyce Bastian

My concern is that we are not creating another SILO. Another System that does not talk to the other systems. We now have the NDIS, The My Aged Care, the Health systems- community health, PHN, SWSLHD, neighbourhood Centres, Carelink, all providing their type of service, supports and activities. Do they communicate and share with each other to work out gaps in services, how to integrate local services better? Do they survey and map their locality to investigate who is missing out. So far I am not aware that this is formally happening locally. I certainly have never been asked if I am OK as a carer of my husband with dementia. I have so far not been offered any support service that would support me personally in managing with the changes in relationship and behaviour. I have respite through social support for my husband 1 day per week.
The paper rightly talk about the confusion for carers to find the supports they need, and actually need to research their locality to find what is on offer that suits their need
My experience was similar, finding information at the library, the local neighbourhood centre and the internet. The My Aged Care did not give out any information of local activities programs I could access. I actually gave them what I wanted after days of going through brochures, phone calls and visits.
The Health professionals did their clinical bits, medication and testing. No mention of support services were offered. I felt they did probably not know what is on offer locally.
Therefore the Silos that we have need to be integrated into the new system. There is a need for local visible frontline workers how can assist community members in navigating and linking carers in services. They need to be reflecting the demographics of the area, so multicultural community members have ease of access to them.