Linzi Ibrahim


Support beyond counselling, psychiatric support. I know many adoptees who have no family and severe mental health struggles who need services available to them which are more knowledgeable about the adoptee experience. Self harming, suicide, addiction, unemployment etc are very common within the adoptee community.


People aren’t going to reach out unless they really need the service. In saying that, I have needed the service since I was a lot younger and have only recently found out they they are available. Adoptive parents need to be aware of what’s available.


I provide emotional support for Sri Lankan adoptees who are going through the search/reunion process. For me it was the most overwhelming and isolating experience of my life and I don’t want anyone to experience that alone. I had the support of my adoptive parents, they helped me and were with me for my reunion. But it was the most alone I’ve feel in my life. I hope this gives more of an idea of what I feel is missing.


Unsure, aside from ongoing checkups on the child’s welfare and the parents being given information of the services.


Capacity Building: B+C
I think that prospective adoptive parents should be encouraged to meet with adult adoptees, to learn more and ask questions.