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ICAFSS Meets the needs partially. More needs of adult adoptees need to be addressed.
Increase in availability of counselling sessions, currently there is long wait times. Increase in the amount of counsellors trained in adoption issues and also counsellors trained to deal with specific/specialty adoptee issues. Adoptees require a variety of counsellors of different culture and gender.

More ICAFSS employees that are adoptee’s or adoptee parents, benefical in building trustful,comfortable relationships and mentorship.

A mentorship program including adoptees in this program.


Mentorship program
Tracing service
Support in intercountry adoptee reunion
Podcast in Australia
Annual intercountry conference/ adoptee retreat, maybe funded/partially funded transport to conference/retreat to those in remote areas. A conference/retreat would advertise ICAFSS, allow adoptee to meet other adoptees, adoptee parents etc, form mentorship friendships. Adoptee catch up are very helpful and benefical for adoptee’s in the long term.

Meet with adoptees and adoptee parents to determine which services are at most need annually to decide how to spread funding


Pre-adoption a social worker to facilitate senstively that parents adopting out children especially intercountry adoption. The birth parents and adoptive parents maintain contact with each other OR a contact names of birth parents, sibling, address at time of adoption is given to the adoptive parents and child. If this is a mutual descion between families. This may help with future tracing for adoptees when they are an adult. Especially in a sitution when birth families are searching for there sibling wondering how they are going and the adoptee is searching for there birth family. Some adoptees long to find there birth family or even some connection to there birth family, family tree etc.

I would like from a tracing service, someone who is familiar in the adoption process, community needs. An organisaton with the services to contact overseas, contacts overseas to assist with tracing. Positive support when the adoptee has no luck searching, support given or reffered to another organisation for support for those who have triggers from searching, follow up on these adoptees.


Australian podcasts
Facetime counselling
Partial funding for transport from remote areas to meet other adoptees
Extend services from the city areas to the suburbs where a number of adoptee families and adult adoptees are.


No feedback.


Long term and short term outcomes are adoptees meet other adoptees or someone who is familiar with adoptee, so then adoptees don’t feel alone, have someone to confine in when needed. Meet others of the same culture which is comforting when living in an area that isn’t multicultural. Reaching out to adoptees in city and rural areas will change the life of an adoptee. This can be measured by following up with families, running a conference or retreat to measure the success or faillures of aoption ideas, measure the popularity/numbers of people coming to these events to provide data or evidence.