Anonymous submission 1


I have only used ICAFSS a couple of times since it’s introduction. I would have loved (and needed) to have the support of ICAFSS when we initially adopted in 2012. Since the introduction of ICAFSS I have completed an online tutorial which was helpful but I would like more parent education, training and support particularly around parenting of a child who has experienced trauma and how to support an adopted teenager. I have also used the counselling service but have not had need for it recently but with my daughter coming up to the teenage years I anticipate I may require the counselling service again and it is good to know it is available and I hope it will be available for the course of my daughter’s life. Whilst to date I have not had much need for ICAFSS support I am keen that the ICAFSS service remains available as, due to the trauma of adoption, I expect my daughter and our family will have requirement for the service over her life.
I have not experienced case management and was not aware it was available, perhaps is not for post adoption.


I would like ICAFSS to be more proactive in keeping in contact with me and advising me of what services are available. I think it would be useful to have a case manager who I can keep in contact with and who would keep in touch with me to facilitate support if required.

The facilitation of a local support group for families with internationally adopted children would be very helpful.

I like the idea of ‘a community of practice among practitioners working in the intercountry adoption space’. To know that, if required, there are a group of professionals that could provide support to either myself or my adopted daughter if required would be very reassuring.


I am aware that not knowing your biological family is of considerable concern and causes many emotional issues for adopted people and, although it is not applicable to myself at the moment as my daughter is only 10, I anticipate that my daughter may want the option to search for biological family and therefore I support any search for origins service.


Of course it would be great to have a local presence but given funding restrictions I am not sure this could occur. However, having someone visiting (in my case Hobart) every 3 to 6 months would be beneficial and, I believe, foster better relationships between Relationships Matter and clients.


ICAFSS facilitate local support groups and meetings.


More awareness and uptake of ICAFSS services’.
Lifelong relationships developed with ICAFSS and clients.
ICAFSS counsellors and support workers develop specific experience and skills required to support adopted people.
It would be very useful if ICAFSS conducted their own research of the experience of adopted people to inform their support and education.

ICAFSS is a great service and I would like to see it continue but with a more personalised, hands on approach.