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I feel try to meet the needs as best they can with limited resources they have. Much more is needed to meet the needs of all families the children and the parents. You feel very much on your own with not enough adequate support and programs. Programs that are held are often held at hard to reach places or at very inconvenient times. There is also very limited opportunities for families and children to connect with others in the community. If any do, it is usually organised themselves.


More counselling services for adoptees and that are not just located in urban areas. More programs and courses for the parents to further educate them ongoing needs of the children.

More social network opportunities…these seem to occur on a rare occasion. Social activities for whole family and for just the children.

Many of the support organisations have reduce in number or many unaware of them… these need to be re-established and be more inclusive.

Forums that held during adoption week are more often in Melbourne and/or very expensive to attend and often during work hours.


Perhaps contact or an information session on this that addresses issues and obstacles of searching ones origins. As an adoptive parent I would like to have all the tools to enable me to best support my child if they wish to seek out their origins….. as we all know not all are happy experiences. Emotional support from trained support people is critical throughout… from start to end of the journey… and for all those involved.


More staff….. more funding… Intercountry adoption and the support of us is lacking greatly… you feel very isolated at times and with little support. These needs to try and very soon. Those who work in ICA are very passionate yet run on limited resources to best support the families and the children. This needs to be a priority!!!!!


Again more staff and funding would allow more the a-c to occur. But adoptee families need to get more involved too…. the visual and the more that is offered would hopefully lead to the establishment of more programs of support etc. The fact that ICA adoption numbers have greatly decreased in Australia as also meant that the support had decreased and this is very disappointing.


Increased number of families attending any courses/programs that created. Measuring success cannot come about until more is done… we live in a data driven world… lets get back to the basics….. support/programs/funding/staff/more family involvement in types of services they would like is needed first…. then do your measuring.

Further suggestions:

I probably went off track with the type of responses you were asking… but as mentioned… lets get on right level and ask the real questions that are needed from adoptees and adoptive parents.