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The service offering of Relationships Australia does not meet the needs. For those looking/need ‘light touch’ counselling it services a purpose, but many of the adoptees and families needing assistance need more in the form of crisis management, psychologists, case management for developmental trauma. Also, for those looking to trace and the supports required.


Many different forms of therapy rather than ‘talk therapy’ in an office. I understand the Permanent care community in Vic have access to a range of services which would be great to tap into.


I have not thought too much about this as India has strict rules and protocols for mothers who relinquish their children. I would not know how or where to begin. although this is something my child would be keen to investigate.


Quarterly site visits to build relationships, co-model with other providers for some support. Best to hear from those in regional areas for ideas.


There is a lack of professionals with a good understanding of the nuances of ICA. It is imperative to create greater capacity.

There is generally a good network amongst parents however, in my case my teenage child doesn’t want to associate with adoptees.


Numbers using the service
Qualitative data on the service rather than simply numbers. I found ISS very helpful and was very disappointed when the service stopped with little consultation.

Reduction in kids accessing other services eg mental health

Longitudanal studies to include ICA eg juvenile.

Further suggestions:

Crisis line
In home support
Employment pathways