The new employee framework ideas

A performance plan need to be done each employees with Work title / Deception of the Job/ Training for the Job/ Proof would be Certificates

The assessment should basic on behaviours if you’re a E – F level person.

If they have any qualifications they should be pay to maximum wage as show are qualified for the job.

If a lower skill person can’t reach the qualified a performance plan need / Deception of the Job/ Training for the Job

They will be assessed on their Job skills they also made require lot more support and training in the A- D level.

This were the funding is needed.

The more in the job skill the more they should be paid.

The last point could be a bit more generic, i.e. provide a reason why the task could not be done. They may have not been trained sufficiently in the task, there may be something wrong with the tools/equipment being provided or there was no support available at the time when the person needed help to make a decision.

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