Deaf Accessible Business Network

I am deaf person working for a small business called Deaf Accessible Business Network in Melbourne. Part of my role is to promote EAF supporting small to large businesses. During this time working with the businesses, I have identified some issues regarding covering the cost for Deaf Awareness Training and Auslan classes under the same umbrella ‘Deaf Awareness Training EAF funds’.

Recently I have worked with some employers who have completed Deaf Awareness Training but also wish to participate and learn specific basic workplace Auslan classes. They have specifically requested they did not want to attend to RTO/TAFE classes because RTO’s curriculum is far too structured and generic.

Employers are requesting workplace specific Auslan classes to be held at their workplace which allow for the staff to be able to participate. I looked into incorporating both DAT and basic Auslan classes under one fund ‘Deaf Awareness Training’ however the $1500 cap is not financially viable to run both. This leaves them having to do DAT in one year and having to wait to the following year to do basic Auslan classes which is not realistic and at the end of the day it impacts on the deaf worker/s.
I also find those who are living/working rural and remote can’t access a TAFE for a Cert II course either.

Basic Auslan courses should be accessible through Auslan Level 3 funds rather than limiting to TAFE/RTO courses, there need to be some flexibility to where the employer and employees can access to Auslan training otherwise this issue will keep on reoccurring and will continue to do so until we can come up with a solution to meet the employer’s and deaf worker’s demands and needs. Or alternatively increase the Deaf Awareness training capped fee to a much more realistic expectation.