I personally feel there is an outcry for more employment opportunities for people with disabilities. From the age of 16 after I left school I went from disability employment agency to disability employment agency. Every one I had participated in assisted me with courses and workshops but not enough job searching and helping me to seek employment. In more recent years one job organisation did manage to get me a job position but as part of their requirement is to come in and check on me and assist me of how I was going which never did and therefore I lost my job as the boss thought I was struggling in some areas but had expected a case worker from the organisation to help me. Another recent employment agency they pushed me into retail which I had no previous experience or skills in and when I spoke up about what exact work I had skills and abilities in they said they can no longer help me. I know people particularity with mild to moderate disabilities who do TAFE courses etc get work experience but don’t get enough opportunities and support to pursue that employment. Some suggestions are: Disability Employment Agencies are assessed on regular bases from the people that fund these organisations see where exactly their funding is going and witnessing what clients are benefiting and have achieved successful employment with the right supports. Also if disability job agencies/organisations have not only case workers but also disability support workers assigned to a client to help them settle in to their job and work with them their barriers and have meetings with their boss to assess how their client is going until the client is confident of the job and can work independently. This could also apply for students that finished their TAFE studies, gained their certificate and have an assigned support/caseworker to work with them on the job till they are capable and confident for long term employment. If these few changes could be put into place it could perhaps lead to a better future for people with disabilities in employment and particularly seeking mainstream employment. I have known people with disabilities that have managed to achieve mainstream employment to be the most committed, hardworking and positive employees when given the right opportunities and the right people.