Rehab Solutions

As a Rehab Provider of many years standing and from a workers Compensation, Aged care/Mental Health/Disability exposure as a direct or Clinical Provider. It appears that most of the DES providers are concerned that there is not a better Assessment process or outcome or referral, to better reflect the need of the Consumer/participant. Particularly in regional or remote locations. Previous work as a JCA Assessor would somewhat support this sentiment as well. I would submit that a better Assessment needs to be conducted (given ongoing support needs) and it should include face to face assessment of the Participant along similar same lines as the possibly the new RAS processes for Aged care. I don’t feel the DES Providers will have the skills, staff rosters or financial resources to support this type of function. It or any assessment function should be stand alone and independent of the DES and should also encompass a review situation on either a quarterly/6 monthly basis to assess the progress, suitability and enduring capacity of any post placements via the DES, considering Participants with mental health barriers and chronic pain.
Over the past6 5 years in the current assessment role within the DES framework, I have seen approximately 40% of post placements that were not sustainable or were functionally inappropriate in terms of skills set, capacity or enduring as a result.
The DES or Provider is the organisation/s on the ground that have the ongoing face to face responsibility to mentor or advocate for their client base. The (independent assessment)function should also be linked with any, “employment fund or account” to better assist with capacity, skills training or study including other issues such as transport, health and mental health management on the job. I don’t feel any job fund/account should be managed by the Participant as the NDIS is currently, certainly have input but not financial oversight.