I am making this submission due to 8 years of ineffectual and frustrating association with 4 DES Providers for my 26yo son with Aspergers. Sam has been identified as VERY EMPLOYABLE. He has had to change his career preference a few times due to none or useless career advice, and poor management of services and case managers. Each service provider has placed their outcomes before my son’s and each has tried to bully him into positions that are not now and never will be suitable due to his barriers to employment. His high level of intelligence has almost been a disadvantage to him and has either been over evaluated and made him feel inadequate for the positions suggested, or under evaluated, so he feels ‘dumbed down’ and oversensitive to working conditions. He has been assessed as the ‘highest grade’ of disability/support level, and he has constantly been placed with ‘junior or rooky’ case managers. He has just completed a 4 day over 2 week work experience, but was unsupported for the last 2 days and left to complete his exit by himself with no further discussion with the employer about employment or long/short term possibilities. His employers were exceptionally pleased with his work, but were unable to make a commitment to his. He would gladly continue work experience to further his own study, and remain in touch with them. My advocacy with the DES agency will continue tomorrow.