Anne Teal

Person with disability

I am a person with s significant physical disability from a stroke and have had one since I was 7 years old I have been a nurse a mother of four In the last ten years I have been working coordinating employment programs for disengaged kids and kids with disability. Get set for work program I have designed the program and written succesful submissions .When funding ceased I went on to work in DES as an employment consultant. All this whilst having my disability then last year another stroke I now find myself a client of DES for 9 months they can not or will not assist in creation of a job as I used to do for others.

I am now 9 months later getting really annoyed I have just been given a two month contract from AFDO as a ndis information facillitator a job I applied and got on my own while rehabillitating but still no assistance from DES to get a long term role.

Its time for change we need workers that understand and identify the needs of someone with a disability and some one who knows how to talk to employers to create new opportunities.

There are lots of us willing and able to work given oportunities to continue to succeed in employment with a little assistance.
Time for change let me help others.