Yuri Gregorian

Person with disability

Im not not smart guy. I do want a job very much, Im 36 and have not had a job since 2000. I use to think the problem was with the disability employment people. Some of them really suck at their jobs and just dont seem to really care. Now that Im older I think those people are just broken. Its the young job finders that come in caring and its the old ones who seem to suck…….So the disabled want jobs, the job finding people want to find jobs but cant. So the problem must be with the employers.

We as a society have been OK with paying disabled people less money, sometimes as low as $1.39 an hour and that has not worked. We as a society have tried throwing employers large chunks money for hiring disabled people and that has not worked. Maybe, its time the government put away the bag of carrots and started using the stick it likes to hit the poor with?? Lets have a quota?? For arguments sake, lets say for every 50 employees a business has one should be disabled?? lets say, if they dont hire a disabled person they get charged a levy that could be used to fund either jobs for disabled people or maybe theĀ ****** NDIS??

IM not looking for a big job, just a job I can do….for 8-20 hours a week…..for at least $10 an hour minimum cause going to work is not free and Yuri needs to make a profit. Maybe its better in the bigger cities?? Where I am, this **** is not working…..and neither am I, which is a shame cause I could use the money bro.