Daniel K

Person with disability

I was employed by ****, ****, through **** Hobart.
For over two years I had to argue for my pay, never got payslips despite constantly asking for them and left having to take out an ATO investigation to recover nearly $3000 in unpaid super. Which they are still trying to recover. Shortly after being employed I voiced that I thought she was abusing the government employer assistance as I saw people come and go on a monthly basis in the other areas of business she ran from our office. I was told by **** at **** that was ridiculous as its such a small amount why would she bother. Why indeed, when she is receiving it every month or more for a new mistreated vulnerable employee. I’m sure this is not a unique situation.
That grant should not be given at the commencement to the employer. it should be somehow mediated including the employee in that the employee after say, 3 months should answer a questionnaire, interview or such that addresses issues such as fairness, transparency and workplace conditions. Perhaps every 3 months to the end of the financial year. Like when one goes into a recovery clinic, they assess your mental health on that 0 to 10 scale and then again when you leave. And only if there are no issues like I had and a very tactile improvement in the condition of the person, should the employer receive any kind of assistance. This would genuinely encourage a fair workplace environment rather than the degrading mentality on both parties by bribing an employer to take a ‘lesser quality’ employee.