Andrew Knox

Person with disability

Several years ago my mental and neurological health diminished radically, and my life has not been the same since. I have worked casually to try and maintain some level of former intelligence, but it all became too much and I crashed again. My Disability Support Pension and my Psychologist and GP are all I have to keep me from calling it quits. I worked hard all my life and now I rely on these 3 support mechanisms to help me to help myself. Mental illness is often invisible, but as debilitating and destructive as any other ‘physical’ visible condition. Employers have a real difficulty understanding or dealing with ‘Mental’ illnesses, and it’s pointless to lie about it in an application because you can’t hide it !! I think therefore that not only does the ‘Disabled Person’ need support and encouragement, but also the potential employers need education too.
I can type this now, as I am having a stable period. But in minutes or hours I may not be able to put a sentence together properly !
Anyway. Thank you for reading this.