Developing the National Autism Strategy


National Autism Strategy - Help shape the change.

This consultation has now closed.

The public consultation process to contribute to the development of the draft National Autism Strategy closed on 30 October 2023.

Input was received from:

  • Autistic people
  • their families and carers
  • the Autism sector
  • researchers.

The draft Strategy is expected to be released for public comment in early 2024. It will be an important step to ensure people have the opportunity to provide feedback on what is in the draft Strategy, including its principles and areas for action.

Enquiries relating to the consultation process should be directed to

Video: Why we’re developing a National Autism Strategy

Watch this video to find out why a National Autism Strategy is important. The video has captions and Auslan.

About the National Autism Strategy

We’re developing a National Autism Strategy to help improve life outcomes for Autistic people across Australia.

The Strategy will be for all Autistic Australians. It will cover key reform areas including access to services, healthcare, education and employment. It will help to guide a more coordinated, national approach supporting Autistic people at each stage of life.

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Statement on language

The Australian Government acknowledges that people use different words to talk about Autism, and that each person will have a way of talking about Autism and about themselves that they like best. Some people in the Autistic community like to say ‘Autistic person’ (identity-first language), some like to say ‘person with Autism’ (person-first language), and some are fine with using either.

The Australian Government is using identity-first language to talk about the National Autism Strategy. This means that we will usually use the term Autistic person or Autistic people.