Nicola Norris

There are people who are currently in part time or full time employment who (1) have a disability / chronic health condition and (2) are not disclosing this to their employer for fear of being discriminated against and (3) are currently not accessing the NDIS either.

I understand that the government are keen to keep people employed as long as possible. What is being done to support people to disclose their condition to their employers without fear of discrimination? With chronic health conditions, these can worsen over time requiring people to reduce hours or give up work altogether. The NDIS makes it so hard to access any support in this situation as an assumption is made that “you must be ok because you are working”. In reality if you have a chronic health condition you are struggling in pain and hiding it every day. We are about to start the NDIS process with very low expectations that we will get nothing and facing a grim future of needing to give up work altogether.