Headstart Acquired Brain Injury Services

To whom it may concern,

My name is Lucy. I have been a support worker with Headstart for just over a year now. I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with the inspiring consumers I have the privilege of working with. Over this last year I have gotten to know a number of different stories and circumstances, all different but all as amazing as each other.

One thing that constantly amazes me is the motivation and drive these people have to get healthy, independence, and control back over their lives. This is not an easy journey for anyone. Tremendous physical and emotional pain is forever present in these peoples lives but I only see it act as a drive, not a hindrance.

The few people I know who have been given the opportunity to work are so grateful for the option to earn money, have some purpose and make new life goals.

It is so important that this is an opportunity for every single person, no matter what physical or emotional differences they may have to the average person. A job brings hope and a sense of belonging and everyone is entitled to that.

Kind regards,

Lucy McPherson