Janet Congleton

My son, Mathew, has been looking for work for 6 years ie an apprenticeship in either an electrical field or locksmith industry with NO one willing to take him on. He completed a pre-app in electrical at TAFE in 2015, and has been to several disability agencies over the years with no success.

A year and a half ago, an electrical warehouse in Eltham employed him casually with the intention of at the end of the year offering him an apprenticeship. That December they told him they weren’t giving him an apprenticeship and letting him go! They said they didn’t want to spend the time teaching him! My son has Aspergers (high functioning autism) and he is smart and follows instructions. He now has a Case Worker funded through the NDIS and part of what he does is look for work for Matt.

He’s been to 2 job interviews since January, with no luck and no feedback from the company who he had the interview with. My son wants to work but NO ONE will give him a go!! My concern is what happens when I die as I am a single parent. Everyone deserves a purpose in life and a job!

Tradies need to accept people with autism who are capable, not dismiss those people because “it’s too hard”! This is what I think is lacking in Employers!