Blue Sky Community Group

We previously had emergency relief funds for the North East Metropolitan area of Perth. We also had Financial Counselling funding. When funding ended we referred people to the new providers in the Perth-North East. For people needed assistance in this area it has been a total and absolute failure. Less than 20 people have reported back to us that they received any help at all. Usually a box of non perishable food.
we stopped counting after 200 people reported back that either could not get through to the agency or they left a message on were not rang back. Many were told they were not in the area of the service provider, which is fair enough because only one is reasonably close, although not if you don’t have a car. They rest are quite a distance. One supposedly in the area is not. It is based in another suburb and is supposed to deliver .. it does not. Some previous clients have admitted of taking desperate measures to obtain food for their families. This current system might be working fine elsewhere but is a disaster for people in need here.