We at MOCSIS have met and discussed your proposals and we have very real concerns that what you are planning will destroy the fabric we have worked under for 42 years. We are very clear on what our Mission Statement is, as a small agency, and we act it out every day of the week..
We are staffed entirely by volunteers, many of whom would find these changes distressing, as they would be asked to make judgements of their clients, share information and generally betray our core values.
The proposal you have has too many hoops for vulnerable people to jump through. At MOCSIS we LISTEN to clients, we take the time to hear what they perceive their needs to be, and then we help them find their path. Those who are looking for employment are supported and helped with appropritae clothes for interview, from our free Op Shop. Many clients would find timed appointments very difficult:here they can come when they wish and be seen immediately in most cases.
We acknowledge that in some circumstances HUBS may work, but in our situation we have the ability to refer people to other agencies, but not the rescources to formalize agreements or relocate to other premises.
We offer case work, a NILS program, Tax help, a Community garden and we have the ability to distribute food from our garden, Food Banlk Victoria, Second Bite and local bakeries which supplements the DSS ER funding.