Individual submission – Melanie Smith

I am a carer

Melanie Kathleen Smith

Hello, my main interest in this document is Educstion and the what happens one my caring role has ended. I’ve been caring for 5 years full time (my Father 1st who has died of Cancer & now my Mother with COPD & cardiac issues) my caring role may continue for 5 months or 5,10 15 years. I’m a 51 yr old female maintaining a 5 acre property & the old family home on my own.It terrifies me that although Ai started a TAFE course last year I was unable to complete it due to my caring responsibility & I needed to do 160 hours unpaid volunteer work.It is a Cert IV Leisure & Health in aged care- something I’m continuing to learn about day to day in my caring role but I can’t achieve because of my caring role. What will happen to me when my Mum dies? I’ll have no qualifications & be exhausted from caring for all these years. I’d like to contribute my thoughts to this Carer Support Service & any future plans you may have.Kind regards, the future is very much Unknown, I’d dearly love to be able to plan mine & all others carers’ wisely.