Individual submission – Sue Waters

I am a carer

Sue Waters

I am a carer for my husband for 2 reasons.

1. My husband was injured in the Army Reserve many years ago, which resulted in him stopping work 23 yrs ago because of his back injury, He has slowly got worse physically chronic back problems and also now mentally with PTSD, anxiety and depression, diabetes and a blood condition Because of medication he is on, he is almost a walking zombie and this is very taxing on me to keep an eye on him, monitor his meds, take him for appointments, constantly remind him of many things through the day and the list goes on.
2. My husband is a Forgotten Australian, he was abused in every way possible as a kid in a catholic orphanage between the ages of 11 and 16, after being abandoned by his parents. He suffers from that so many many problems, has given up on life in many ways, and I support him every day as a consequence of his abuse. His sexual abuse by a nun, has twisted his thinking in many ways, he has virtually given up on life, choosing not to go out and socialize, has no friends, no social networks except me. As you can imagine the impact this has had on me, mentally and physically with illnesses as a result. However we do make the best of things well me really, and we have managed to raise two girls who are successful in life. But the cost on me has been substantial. What we are hoping is there is lots of help for us as we age, I am 61 and he is 63, we have been very disadvantaged by his injuries and abuse. The forgotten Australians need recognition as being disadvantaged people, and there are many of them. I do hope that this can happen. Thank you.