Individual submission – Bernadette Redford

I am a carer

Bernadette Redford

I would like to see support day program services with outings specific for younger onset alzheimers/dementia.
I work 4 days per week and I am seeking support so I can continue to work.
We have two children aged 17 and 20 years.
My husband is 56 years old and goes out with aged pensioners.
He is quite physically fit and strong.
He is a very kind man and considers himself a volunteer helping the frail and aged people in the group.
The other participants keep asking him why he is with them.
He has no insight into his illness and does not accept that he has Alzheimer’s disease.
He enjoys the services offered to him but its not appropriate.
The kindness of the workers caring for him and he feels he is making a contribution to the lives of the frail and aged makes him want to attend the group.