Individual Submission – Peter Bradley

I am a carer

I have been a Carer for my partner for 6 years since the birth of our first child. I can’t begin to thank the various mental health respite services that have helped me over the years in Victoria and Queensland. For me, as an immigrant to Australia with no family support, the most difficult thing has been dealing with the isolation and I am grateful that groups like United Synergies understand how challenging life is when caring for someone who may seem fine on the outside but is often dying on the inside. Being able to talk to a professional caring councillor is great but being put in touch with other male carers is a huge huge help. Last month I was kindly invited to a male carer lunch and got to meet other blokes in the same situation. Again, thanks to United Synergies. Without this support I would probably be on anti depressants myself and unable to provide the care that my partner and daughter rely upon. Thank you. Please keep supporting United Synergies