Organisation Submission – Intereach

I am a service provider delivering carer services

Sue Mathieson


Dear Madam/Sir

Re: Designing the new integrated carer support service

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on the above paper. The following is offered for your consideration.

  • The paper is well researched and well written and reflects our organisation’s experience over the past 16 years providing services to carers. Intereach is very supportive of the broad service concept.
  • In particular we are very supportive of the recognition that local services and local coordination is important to carers. This is consistent with our experience listening to and working with carers who live in rural and remote communities.
  • Clarity is required if ‘medical conditions’ include where a parent/carer (including parents of young children) has a serious illness for example cancer but the cancer is being treated rather than is palliative and where the treatment is very debilitating preventing the carer from undertaking their caring role.
  • Clarity is required if foster carers of children in court ordered and voluntary out of home care will be included.

Should you require further information please contact me on 03 XXXX XXXX

Yours sincerely

Sue Mathieson