Organisation Submission – Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services

Victorian Gov Department of Health and Human Services

Diane Calleja

Department of Health and Human Services

Thank you for the opportunity to consider the design of the Commonwealth’s integrated carer support service.

While the Commonwealth has main responsibility for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, the Carer Gateway, packages and other supports, Victorian programs and services complement the Commonwealth’s work. For example, Victoria makes a significant contribution to supporting older carers, carers of older people and carers of younger people with dementia, through the Victorian Support for Carers Program and other programs and services. The focus is on the holistic health and wellbeing of carers as well as of those they care for, that is people in care relationships. The Victorian Carers Recognition Act 2012 became effective from 1 July 2012. Victoria may soon develop a strategy or framework to support carers.

Diane Calleja
Dementia Portfolio and Support for Carers
Ageing and Aged Care Branch, Department of Health and Human Services