15629 – Individual submission

I believe that given the degree of discrimination towards persons with a disability or diversity it hasn’t adequately looked at the human rights area and that a child even if a cared or parent makes an application to the HRC for the child or vulnerable person should automatically have the right to legal representation. This should be automatic throughout the AAT, HRC, QCAT and similar tribunals which although it says they do, they do not as usually a carer or advocacy group needs leave granted which is ridiculous. An automatic right should be instituted.

In addition the dispute resolution should not take 4 months before the AAT gets to hear the dispute it is agonising for the applicant in need. A maximum of 1 month or the matter is automatically sent to the Tribunal.

In addition reviewers should have to read all reports and receive all reports on the system before making a decision so dispute resolution isn’t necessary. More guidelines as what reports people need to upload is imperative. Training of NDIS advocacy is imperative. Need not monetary based goals and funding. Rather than going for as much as you can get,and the government (Morrison’s) cap types of disabilities which is deplorable, all advocacy and funding should be based on need whether that’s $10,000 or $200,000 depending on the individual per year. In my experience it has been successful but not without extreme stress, the feelings to give up and the system breaking you despite fighting as a carer.
Every individual is different and has different needs throughout their life. Focus on the individuals needs and goals to have equal access to all things that life offers all of us. No seclusion, ableism or isolation.