15630 – Brendan Lamb

It’s a shame their isn’t integrity in the NDIS scheme. Family needs to be included in everything and no excuses at all. The patient receiving NDIS funding should have full say and be listened to. Tribunals shouldn’t happen as they are biased and are only their for others to benefit. Our loved ones deserve better not being drugged most nights so supports can have a easy shift. Then double dip and got to the next shift in the morning. When a patient of NDIS funding goes 5X and the patient is receiving less care where is all the money going??

My relation has a guardian in place. She does not listen to the needs from
patient. Goals and action plans haven’t been set properly as their is. I improvement. No activities in place. He says he is bored leaving in a prison. He says his water taste salty. He can’t have a bath when he wants carers put the towels away. He wanted a ambulance the other day somehow he didn’t get seen to as he was having trouble breathing. He has said many times he wants family to care for him. Family wants to care for him. Family knows him better then anyone. His life should be more interesting and should be supported in activities that help him in his goals and also his health.