15634 – Hayden Borg

I Feel that the government needs to make it easier for people with adhd and Asperger’s syndrome to access medications to help us function better and easier in society specifically after the age of 18 I was child who grew up taking dexamphetamine to get through school to focus and actually have to ability to improve both socially and intellectually after the age of 18 I was refused when I requested to continue my medication based upon the fact of I had fully developed so I no longer needed it as a result I have struggled significantly though out my life having 2 conflicting types of autism at the same time and a lot of development and mental health issues as a result I now am 25 and am trying to run my own business but still to this day struggle with basic everyday tasks in my business causing me in turn to become more unproductive more stressed and as result my mental health continues to decline all issues that could simply be resolved by going back on medication I do understand the stigma against methamphetamine due to damage it has done to the general public and the mental health of our fellow citizens perhaps even friends and family but what needs to be understood is that for people like us this is medicine it does not effect us in the same way and continuing to class it as a schedule 8 narcotic only serves to further hurt and punish the autistic community as it stands in the country it’s nigh impossible to circumvent Australian prescription law yet alone abuse it take it from somebody who with the use of long term prednisone use has found the formula to cure an extremely rare and painful skin disease that I suffer from but due to your laws and even with doctors seeing the results and agreeing with me wholeheartedly I am again left to suffer as a citizen of this country and the grandson of a solider you poisoned during the Vietnam war this is what he fought for a country that didn’t give a shit about us then and clearly still doesn’t now