15642 – Organisation submission

1. The NDAF encompasses a good vision for disability advocacy.
2. The principles of NDAF are appropriate for guiding the delivery of disability advocacy.
3. The outcomes of NDAF are clear and achievable, their needs to be awareness of people without capacity included, as often people deemed to not have capacity are not under OPA support in Victoria, and often people deemed to not have capacity have a lack of informal supports and therefore disability advocacy will need to also reflect how it operates to support people deemed to not have capacity by a specialist in order to get them the support they need via OPA as their are very limited other options.
4. The responsibilities, reform and policy directions of NDAF are relevant.
5. The NDAF needs to also identify what i had written about at question 3 as well.
6. Disability advocacy should be for all people with disability, with or without capacity, if disability advocates are appropriately trained, then all people with disability should be able to access this support, even if the person with the disability does not have capacity to make decisions, then having a clear framework on how to also support this vulnerable population is also important and inclusive.