15696 – Individual submission

1. Do you believe the new NDAF encompasses your vision of advocacy? If not, what changes are required?

Yes, but there are a few key things required such as digital privacy included and give examples for these supports to avoid confusion.

2. Are the principles of the NDAF appropriate for guiding the delivery of advocacy for people with disability in a changing disability environment, including in the context of the NDIS? If not, what changes are required?

Yes, but this does not still help people with disabilities guarantee fair work employment rights. This could be done a bit better.

3. Are the outcomes of the NDAF clear and achievable? Should different ones be included? If so, what should be included?

Definitely understood in the PDF/Word document and as shown above what needs to be done in this context.

4. Are the responsibilities, reform and policy directions of the NDAF relevant or should different ones be included?

They are very relevant but there are many other contexts of disability law that should be included in my opinion

5. Does the NDAF identify what is needed in the current and future disability environment? If not, what changes are required?

No, they are mostly people who do not have experience of a lived disability and what adjustments are needed is different for everyone.

6. Do you have any other comments, thoughts or ideas about the NDAF?