15777 – Crystal Woods

I have a background in analytics and audit preparation

I have concerns about unintended consequences of objectives such as having the demographics of recipients reflect the communities in which they operate. The community demographics may not match those needing advocacy, the two populations are not necessarily homogenous. A predominantly caucasian population may not have as much need for advocacy as a few cald residents, who need higher levels of support to get the levels of inclusion the predominant population may already enjoy.
Also I would really like to see advocacy extended to fostering and promoting developments in technology that open up new opportunities for those with disability. Not everyone’s perfect idea of particpation is a face to face job, and the advent of the gig economy opens both new opportunities and new needs for advocacy.
Ideally, the framework should also identify what metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, progress will be measured and evaluated against. Please ensure there are qualitative ones and not just quantitative. Even better if tools are going to be developed to assist in implementation.