Montrose Access



Disability service provider

Montrose is a Queensland Disability Service provider with a strong focus on children and young people who have neuromuscular conditions, often relentlessly progressive and life limiting.

In reviewing the National Disability Advocacy Framework we noted the statements that the Framework focuses solely on the person with the disability.We note too the statements that “consideration of the role of families and carers will be taken into account”, but that “needs and aspirations of the person with a disability are paramount”.

We note that Tier Two services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme can respond to the needs of carers and family members. We note however that the Framework does not recognise the needs of carers to advocacy in their own right, particularly in relation to issues directly related to a family member with a disability. For example, impacts on carers can be in areas of finances, employment,housing, health and well-being, and isolation. Advocacy support could be provided to carers from within Tier Two in a timely and cost effective manner. It follows that such support be reflected in both Outcomes and Outputs of the Framework.