Valerie Adams

Family member of a person with disability

Action for People with Disabilities

I am horrified at the thought of not having the support and information from my advocacy agency after 2018. The government jargon, red tape and often inaccurate information has caused so much stress in my life. I rely on my advocate to steer me through the maize and to give me information and confidence to stand up for my daughters rights. At 75 yrs of age I am worn out with the role of caring for my daughter’s well being. The latest information from the NDIA that it has decided to backtrack on their original promise of a full plan for people already in accommodation for at least another year is a case in point. I have already spent many hours working on a plan for my daughter. The staff and management of her home have also done the same. Time which should have been spent on her day to day living. We are now left in a state of confusion caused by being told different stories by employees of the NDIA. The life of a carer is extremely difficult and without an advocate it doesn’t bear thinking about.