Kathy Boland

Carer of a person with disability

Submission to National Disability Advocacy Program.
My daughter has an Intellectual Disability and I her mother am her full time carer .
Over a number of years Action for People with Disabilities an Individual Advocacy has advocated for her many concerns and issues.
Action has provided quality Individual Advocacy for housing,day program, respite and many other important issues that all had a positive outcome for my daughter. The focus of funding must be on knowledgeable and experienced Individual advocacy !
All advocacy services should look towards the advocacy which Action for People with Disabilities provides.
They are State funded and their funding ends in June 2018 and Commonwealth funding should be provided to ensure that
Action for People with Disabilites continues. Every person with a Disability must have access to effective advocacy.
Many families support Action for people with disabilities continuing Commonwealth funding and I will forward 702 signatures in agreement with my submission.
I thank you for the opportunity in having a say in this review of the National Disability Advocacy Program 2016
Regards Kathy Boland