Julie Peasley-Brooks

Carer of a person with disability

Thank you for the opportunity to respond, although time restraints prevent

me from being able to address the NDAP discussion paper in totality.

I am a mature aged sole parent of a dear young man with both an intellectual

disability and profound autism, who is non-verbal.

My most desperate and immediate concern is that my son will definitively

require lifelong provision of his robust and ‘bench-marked’ advocacy service

(Action for people with disability)that will:

i. support him during my life time

ii. extending same & protection beyond my life time/and during his.

I feel that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has a

overriding responsibility to ensure that relevant advocacy services are

appropriately funded not only for ‘fit-for-purpose’ training to offset the

underdeveloped NDIS rollout and associated staff shortages but more

importantly the grossly under recognised component ‘succession planning’ –

funding post 2018.

I look forward to the proposed workshops.

Thank you

Julie Peasley-Brooks