Submission from Julie, 25 March 2015

I attended a public forum today, but just wanted to make a couple more quick comments:

Information and accessibility:

I think the information on websites is not accessible to many, especially those with literacy / cognitive issues. I would support versions that are read-easy and rich with visual information.


I think that people living with disability (PWD) need to be made aware of their rights. Eg, the right to a high quality service and examples of what a high quality service looks like; right to make a complaint and be listened to, etc.

An example of this can be found at the SA Office of the Guardian for Young People in Out of Home Care. They have developed Rights Cards for children/young people in foster care, and they’re great- simple language and with pictures: a great innovative example of how this info can be disseminated.

I think staff working in service delivery agencies, especially staff who are less educated/empowered, need to be made aware of consumer rights also. Actually I would like to see a universal public education campaign espousing rights for PWD and how it is everyone’s business to uphold these rights.