Submission from Sandra McDermott, 31 March 2015

As a parent of a son with multiple disabilities. My worries are for the future and what plans are put in place for accommodation.

It’s well and good to have all this so called funding which I feel is just going to be lost in cost for administration and no services for our love one. I have no faith in the process with the removal of the Government bodies who will be watching that careers are not going to be over charged and the services will be received.

Accommodation: Has a plan been set up for accommodation? I am 57 husband 56yrs both with medical conditions we still work but one day in the near future we will want to see our son settled enjoying his peers and doing the things he likes.  We are not planning to abandoned him but as we get older and medical condition becomes worse we would like to see him settled.  The burden also can not also be left on the siblings as they also have a life they are around but they can not take on accommodation and full time care in their own home.