Caring About Residents with Disabilities

I can see many people benefiting from this new (NDIS) direction.

However, there are some of us that stand to lose what we already have.

There are many parents in WA concerned about the current governments policy to enforce compulsory privatisation of our children’s Group Homes.

1. Please can you give an NDIS reference which determines that privatisation of gov Group Homes is necessary? particularly against families` wishes and protests (these families i refer to are those whose children are unable to make any major decisions for themselves).

2a. Who will be auditing the funding flow from Treasury to individual receivers.

2b. How will they (auditors)be appointed?

3. What body will be put in place to address client concerns, or handle client challenges on funding guidelines and/or funding amounts?

4a. Who will discern the definition of disability / chronic illness / age related problems, and how will funding be adapted to suit?

4b. what happens to funding amounts when these areas overlap and/or circumstances change?

5. Is the government prepared to underwrite a private provider (of services) if it goes bust? Of particular concern are those providing accommodation services.

My parent group looks forward to your response.
Maz Kowald for
Caring About Residents with Disabilities