NSW Council For Intellectual Disability

After consultation with our focus group we complied a list of points and questions.

Standardised rules across the country are imperative to the success of the NDIS.

Very important to people with an intellectual disability to be safe and free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The code of conduct should include people with disabilities being able to choose their own support workers and rules about when staff do not turn up for support shifts.

Questions were raised as to why rules around medication and restricted practices are not included in the Code of Conduct.

What will happen to participants who are not eligible for the NDIS but may receive funding through ILC?

Worker screening clearance question
• How long will an employee be unable to work in the disability sector if found to be in breach of the code of conduct.
• What happens to workers with drug and alcohol issues
• Will the worker screening clearance be updated every 2 years?
• Will the employers be notified if an employee is charged with an offence?