10345 – Individual submission

Although not a participant in the NDIS simply because it came into effect after I reached age 65. However, I believe the NDIS failed to establish a schedule of fees for services and that in my view has lead to price gouging by service providers and in particular Carers, Occupational Therapists and Physio Therapist. I base my comment on managing my Consumer Directed Care level 4 Commonwealth Home Care Package with a service provider who had to be challenged costs charged. I am also concerned by the NDIS and its eligibility criteria based solely on a person’s aged and not their disability. It also concerns me that some people with a disability at age 68 have argued/lobbied and been included in the NDIS and yet others like myself can’t get financial assistance! Again, because I am over 65 and excluded because of my age, even though my disability condition has worsened and I am indeed f more high-care support there are no care support programs for us who have to reside in a nursing home!!! So why is it that the NDIS is not available to everyone who has a disability, irrespective of age? It seems I am being penalised for my past efforts in self funding all my cost of disability and now that my disability is in decline, I am disadvantaged and discriminated against! NOT HAPPY STUART!!!