10353 – Individual submission

IN 2017 I was accepted to be part of NDIS.

I did my first plan in 2018 which was accepted but never got off the ground due to lack of help.

I am a deaf person who relies totally on lipreading and “wit” to get by. I need a mentor to help me to find what is available to me etc.

No one from the NDIA has checked to see if I am being helped to get the approved NDIS plan started.

So, the first year’s funding was voided. Now in March 2019, when I did my new plan I explained to the NDIS co-ordinator my problem with getting the plan up and running and also the lack of help due to communication problems I was promised that I would be helped with my new plan and someone would be in touch to help me…to date nothing has changed and it looks like another year will go by and my funding will be cancelled again.

I am terribly frustrated with the lack of help and despair that NDIS will be of any use to me.

Deaf people problems are varied and NOT every deaf person has the same problems and communication skills. Some are highly educated, others not so.

It is rather insulting to placed all deaf people (and other disabled persons) in the same basket (sterotyping).

There needs to be team of mentors available to be attached to an NDIS recipient to ensure they get the help and services they need.

Again, I wait in anticipation that my plan will be activated to provide the services I long to get.

Thank you