10354 – Individual submission

I am the mother of a participant. Our initial experience with the NDIS was very good, but my daughter’s second plan contained a number of errors and 9 months down the track they have yet to be fixed. The effects of this on my daughter’s well being have been significant and are of great concern to our family.

There are a few rudimentary improvements that could be made which would have made a huge difference to our experience this year. They are no more than the usual professional and administrative arrangements that we expect of any large organisation: make sure there is an individual who is responsible for receiving, actioning and acknowledging correspondence from participants. Give participants that person’s name and contact details. If they leave the job, their responsibilities should be handed to a new person and that person’s contact details should be communicated to participants. Also, set and enforce time requirements for correspondence , including time limits for reviews to happen.

Thank you