10362 – Barkly Regional Council

Barkly Regiona Council

As a provider nothing makes me more frustrated than when a participant’s plan has been reviewed or a new participant has been taken on board but we would not receive service request from NDIS. Often we will receive the request 8 weeks after plan has been constructed. During this time participant was not with any other provider hence, no service received.

For example, we have been informed by local NDIS office to take on a new participant so we have engaged with the participant but its been 2 weeks we are waiting for a formal service request from NDIS. It is matter of fact that the new participant has her plan already in place but just because NDIS haven’t send the service request we can not create any service booking nor provide any service to her.

Several occasions we have contacted to the local NDIS office regarding the matter discussed and every time promise has been made that they will send the service request by end of the business day; But never happened.
This is not the first incident, this is an ongoing concern that has not been addressed even after making several request. Same issue can be draw with the plan review, plan extension.

If we are taking about PARTICIPANT centred service and make the PARTICIPANT centre of everything then this needs to be stop.