10365 – Individual submission

To Whom it May Concern,

I am the parent ( elderly ) of two young adult daughters who have an acquired brain injury from infant stroke and other neurological issues. Their ‘disability’ is not ever going to go away in fact evidence strongly suggests that their overall medical health will deteriorate as they age, which in fact is the case. Although in general I have been able to navigate the NDIS system quite well it is a very stressful, repetitive process for the ‘reviews’ and extremely stressful when I have feedback from the NDIS regarding funding, in particular, SILS funding ( XXXX XXXX ) and the ‘service provider’s’ understanding is just so inept !! Therefore, I would like to put forward the following issues for ‘urgent’ review;

1. Individual ‘reviews’ and the repetition of same when there is ‘permanent’ disability

2. More education for ‘service providers’ regarding ‘SILS’ and the ‘flexibility’ of it

3. More emphasis on the actual ‘care’ of clients within the ‘SILS’ accommodation sites ie; personal care, and environmental care ( cleaning )

4. Better understanding overall of the ‘transition’ ( moving from home to care site ) process because it is neglectful at this point in time, current ‘service provider’ does not grasp the importance of their role in this process