10369 – Individual submission

My son who is an NDIS participant has been billed $387-98 by an occupational therapist for travel allowance regarding two return trips, a distance of approximately 30 kilometres. This is a rort of taxpayer funds and robs my son of the funds available to him under his plan. This rip-off should be addressed immediately. It will not pass the ‘pub test’.

Please find attached copies of two invoices that have been billed to my son by an occupational therapist, through his NDIS plan. I draw your attention to the charges claimed for travel, which is in this case, a distance of approximately 30 kilometres.

Apparently these charges are within allowances approved by the NDIA, however, when put to the ‘pub test’ they fail approval dismally, being exorbitant in the extreme. $387-98 for two return trips. I believe that Australian taxpayers would be enraged by this frivolous misuse of their money and it is also unfair that the funds of NDIS participants are being eaten up by such unreasonable charges.

There are many other worthy causes that remain desperate for funding, one of which I have previously sought assistance with, as yet, to no avail.

I will be interested to receive your advice on what remedial action will be taken to address this rort and prevent misuse of taxpayer’s funds.

Best regards,